About Me

Hi friends! Some of you might already know me from my podcast “You Got This! – The Journey.” After experiencing my own battle with anxiety attacks and depression, I decided to start a podcast to share my journey in hopes of helping others who are struggling to understand that they are not alone and they can start living the life of their dreams


I am a Theater Arts graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University where I mastered the phrase “You Got This”. I would say this to prep my confidence before every audition! My artistic background gives me a creative mind and a disciplined eye where I thrive in the “discomfort” zone. The term “You Got This” has carried through to every milestone and challenge I have faced and I am ready to share it with others.


I have been a guest speaker at events educating individuals on the positive impact of daily routine, manifestation through tactful tools, and the power of self-talk and mindset shift.


I truly believe that our past does not define us and we have the power to make our dream life a reality. With the proper tools and trainings, we can completely shift our lives and push past our limiting beliefs. I will help you to believe that. YOU GOT THIS!

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