Amare Global Products


If you’ve listened to my podcast then you have heard my story of my battle with anxiety and depression. During the pandemic, I was experiencing severe anxiety attacks at least once a day. My symptoms ranged from nausea, involuntary shaking, heart racing, lump in my throat, sweating--I could go on and on. I was constantly living in fear of when my next anxiety attack would begin.


When I began therapy, I was immediately offered pharmaceutical medication as a solution. There is nothing wrong with going on medication if that is part of your process. However, for my journey, I wanted to try and find an all-natural solution before having to resort to medication. That was when Amare Global was introduced to me.


Since being on the Amare Global supplemental products, I am proud to say that I have not had an anxiety attack in over a month. These products allow me to feel more grounded in my life and my emotions. These products are all-natural, plant-based, artificial-free, with no chemicals. I have been able to reduce my anxiety and stress and increase my energy and mood. I also have started using their other products to improve my gut health and it has helped me to achieve my physical goals. I have seen huge improvements in my stamina, and I am confident now that I will achieve my goal of running a full marathon.


I have personally seen amazing results from these products and I know that you will, too! Check out the products and let me know if you have any questions!