Top 5 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Exercise Routine

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Do you want to have a consistent exercise routine but you are struggling to find your motivation? Don't worry! I am sharing my top 5 ways to get and stay motivated.

Why is it so hard to be motivated in our exercise routine?

"Motivation" We hear this word in every exercise post, gym class, and infomercial we see. So you might be asking yourself, where is mine!? Well, the main reason you are having such a hard time finding this "motivation" is you have not identified your why yet. Motivation comes when we have a strong driving force that we want to show up for and not let down. So what is your why and how do we find it?

What is your why?

Let's start eliminating some of the superficial reasons you might be wanting to find this motivation. Hot body, washboard abs, a cute pair of jeans at the store, (I think you see where I'm going with this) it's fine to want all of those things but those are not things that we need. Because we don't need these things, and life would pretty much be exactly the same without them, they will never motivate us as much as we need them to.

So let's break it down! If you want to lose weight, let's dive a little deeper into that "want" and find the why that is lying underneath it. Let's give an example conversation here:

A: Why do you want to lose weight?

B: To be healthier and feel more confident.

C: Why does that matter to you? Why do you want to be healthier and feel more confident? How would that change your life?

D: I'd be around longer for my family, be more present at events, be able to do more with them than I can now and create more memories. I would want to show up more.

There is the Why. To be able to show up for the people that we love the most.

Great! I found my why! …Now what?

So now that you found your why, how can we turn that into daily motivation?

Here are the top 5 ways to stay motivated in your exercise routine:

  1. Have a strong visual reminder first thing in the morning What are you seeing when you first wake up? Social media, work emails, the empty sleeve of Oreos on your nightstand? Let's clean things up a bit and setup our surroundings to help us achieve our goals. Lay out your gym clothes the night before and have them somewhere in your room where you will see them first thing in the morning. With your gym clothes, include a picture or a note with your why. If your why is your family and you want to be the best that you can be for them, have a picture of your family next to your gym clothes. This will drive your motivation first thing in the morning.

  2. Plan positive reminders throughout the day We need to make sure our motivation continues throughout the day. Setting ourselves up with positive reminders throughout the day will help us to continue to have motivation. If you are using a smart watch or any exercise apps on your phone, these might already be sending you motivational reminders throughout the day. But not everyone might be using these or the messages you are receiving are not enough motivation. Set alarms on your phone to go off to you throughout the day. Have positive affirmations that are going to help you to stay in the groove. Ex: "You Got This!" "You are unstoppable!" "You are strong and you are going to achieve your goals!" Be your own cheerleader and set yourself up for success!

  3. Find workouts that you love and look forward to Who is going to be motivated to do a workout that is a total snooze fest and the last thing they are looking forward to doing today?! NOT ME! You want to find a workout that you enjoy and look forward to. There are so many different styles of workouts and each style fits different people. So let's find yours! Start taking free trial classes at local gyms, try different virtual classes online, research what your options are. Whether it's dancing, kick-boxing, weight training, yoga, or anything else, there is a workout that you will enjoy. You just need to find the workout that works best for you and makes you feel your best.

  4. Start logging through calendar entries or journal entries One of the most satisfying feelings someone can have on their fitness journey is just knowing that they got their workout done for the day. Boom, check that off the list of to do's for the day! This can be one of the most motivating ways to find consistency with working out. Print out a monthly calendar where you can check off the days that you accomplished your workout. (I like to write down the time I worked out and how many calories were burned so that I can see my progress too!) If you really want to start being more aware of your progress and your body, start journaling after your workouts. Start writing down what felt good, what didn't feel good, how your energy was for today and what new goals you might have. You will slowly begin to hold yourself accountable with these visual reminders. You'll want to check off that you worked out every day and you'll want to see a journal entry every day. Either of these options will allow you to see how far you've come and how much work you've put in. You will feel more in control of your fitness journey and strengthen your relationship with exercise.

  5. Realistically goal set & set a reward One of the biggest mistakes someone can make on their fitness journey, is to set goals that are setting themselves up for failure. If you are someone who has never worked out before, don't start your journey by committing to 7 days of 2 hour high intensity workouts a day! Start slow and set goals that are, what I like to call, "no excuses" goals. What is something that you know you can start doing every day this week and there are no excuses for why you can't do it. Is it doing 20 squats a day? Is it going for a 10-15 minute walk every day? Or is it trying a new workout class 3 times this week? Set yourself up with a goal that can absolutely be done. Then... the fun part... set a reward! Hello! This is a big deal! You have pushed past your limiting beliefs and committed to bettering yourself. So how are you going to celebrate? Hanging out with friends? Binge watching your favorite new Netflix show? Going out for ice cream? Have something to look forward to and celebrate the progress you are making.

Exercise is crucial on our journey to become the happiest and healthiest that we can be. Exercise improves our mood, energy, reduces health risks, and so much more. To become the best person that we can be, let's try and include exercise into our daily routine. Start by finding your why and introduce these 5 steps to finding motivation every day, and I guarantee that exercise will no longer be a chore but instead something that you look forward to.


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